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Bringing renewable energy plants online and keeping them online

Renewable energy is an effective way of tapping into natural resources to power businesses, communities and homes. But building and commissioning wind, solar, hydropower, waste-to-energy and waste water treatment plants takes years of planning.

Aggreko has extensive experience in helping renewable energy projects complete on time and stay online. Our specialist engineers can work closely with you to understand your project, then provide the right power and loadbank package to bring your plant to life. And if there is a grid outage we can be there quickly with temporary generators to keep power flowing to your customers.

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Your lifetime partner for wind farms

We’ve been working with the wind farm industry since it started, so we know that each stage of design brings unique challenges. We can work with turbine manufacturers, wind farm operators and contractors to help you with:

  • Planning and infrastructure: We can provide power for your site surveys and initial infrastructure work, including laying cables and civil works. We can also supply power, heating, cooling and dehumidification for site camps and wind turbine equipment storage.
  • Construction: We can provide power, distribution and fuel management during wind farm construction and installation, together with temperature-control equipment for storage units and worker accommodation.
  • Pre-commissioning: We can provide the power needed to fully test turbines prior to commissioning the wind farm, to make sure nothing has been damaged during transit to the site.
  • Testing and commissioning: Our high-voltage technicians will bring in a tailor-made package, including loadbanks, generatorsand transformers, to mirror the power conditions and loads you expect from the grid, so you can be sure that everything will work perfectly from the moment you connect to it. This can result in early revenue generation and meeting subsidy reduction deadlines.
  • Operation and maintenance: If grid power is disconnected for any reason, we can provide a temporary power solution to keep your equipment healthy and make sure you return to exporting power swiftly. We can help you manage temperature and humidity levels during blade repairs with equipment that we’ll tailor to regional and seasonal conditions. We can also provide power, heating, cooling and dehumidification during tower upgrades and maintenance.

Whether you’re working onshore or offshore, our dedicated engineers will be by your side – every step of the way.



Operations and maintenance 

To ensure your wind farm runs as smoothly as possible, we tailor our environmental control packages for ongoing operations based on your specific regional and seasonal requirements for managing temperature and dehumidification. We also provide: 

  • Comfort cooling for construction contractors 
  • Individual temporary power during maintenance shutdown periods 
  • Fuel management of power or cooling/dehumidification units 
  • Temporary dehumidification of blades and nacelles 
  • Support for blade remediation in situ or blade hospital 

Contingency planning 

We understand you can’t afford for your operations to be halted by a mains power or site equipment failure. Aggreko will help you plan for unforeseen events to keep your site in production no matter what comes your way. Our service engineers will carry out a site survey and complete a detailed plan of the equipment, logistics, and installation requirements for keeping your farm operational. They will then work with you to develop a recovery plan for any eventuality. 


Our 24/7/365 emergency service is designed to resolve critical power or temperature control issues as soon as possible. With over 190 service centres strategically placed near major hubs across the world, our team can provide a rapid response and return your site to full operation with minimal disruption and downtime. Our service engineers will carry out a site survey and complete a detailed plan of the equipment, logistics, and installation requirements for keeping your farm operational. They will then work with you to develop a recovery plan for any eventuality. 

Putting your trust in Aggreko

With all our experience, we understand exactly what it takes to set up a successful wind farm and keep it at optimal productivity and efficiency throughout its life. When you partner with Aggreko you’ll have peace of mind that your operations are in safe hands from day one. 

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“The speed in which Aggreko installed their generators was very quick. Meeting our tight deadlines, they were able to supply us with high quality, reliable equipment and very responsive staff.”

Everson José Salin Wind Project Manager ,
Dobrevě Energia S/A

“I was delighted by the excellent service delivered by the French onsite project engineers.”

Marc Berard Project Manager ,
Schneider Electric


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