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Cooling the interior of a mine with difficult access

Client: One of the largest gold mining groups in the world

Location: Northern Goias, Brazil

Sectors: Mining

The Challenge

Quickly cool the interior of an underground mine, using a turn-key solution installed in a difficult access area

One of the world's largest gold producers needed to increase production at a mine located in the north of the state of Goiás. Before its plans for expansion, the high temperature inside the mine was already a major problem, affecting the operation of the equipment and putting employees' health at risk. The expansion of the mine with the installation of more equipment would further aggravate the situation. In addition to all this, the fact that it is an underground mine made it very difficult to implement an efficient solution

The company urgently needed to cool the mine's internal temperature, which compromised the productivity, working conditions and its plans for expansion

Main Features

Monitoring from a distance of 4 km
of cooling 2,000 tonns

The Solution

Supply of 2,000 tons of refrigeration, as well as staff and logistical support

Aggreko had the complete solution for the customer's needs, supplying 2,000 tons of installed cooling capacity, using chillers, cooling towers and special air coolers. It also managed the entire project, defining the strategy and optimizing its own resources and the customer´s.

This included planning and execution, liaising and integration with the customer's team, remote monitoring of equipment (ARM) and implementation of the most appropriate engineering solution, taking into consideration the technical conditions and the term of execution

The Impact

Ideal temperature for sound productivity, preventing downtime and ensuring employee health

The mine started to operate without any issue, ensuring sound working conditions for the equipment and reducing the risk of accidents.

The right temperatures help to increase the productivity of the mine, reducing the need for employees turnover and equipment downtime.

Additionally, the mining company managed to expand its production and install new equipment without increasing the internal temperature, thus generating financial benefits for the group's shareholders.