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Taking Responsibility

Doing the right thing

We are dedicated to conducting our business in the most ethical ways possible. Recognising the trust that is placed in us and taking responsibility for our environmental and social impact. Being transparent and accountable for all our actions. Ensuring that we remain a company our stakeholders can believe in and rely on. Today and tomorrow.

Building trust through transparency

We believe that transparency is at the heart of good governance. Our reputation means everything to us and it’s vital that the trust we have earned is never lost. That’s why our key focus is on ensuring we always act responsibly, accountably and are transparent about our performance.

How we act responsible and accountably

Aggreko safety for life

Safety is our number one priority. We are committed to maintaining a robust health and safety framework, Standard Zero, ensuring our people return home safe. That is why we have a dedicated Health and Safety team in each region, overseen by the Director of Health & Safety. We continually monitor our performance tracking risk reporting, audits, lost time injuries, spills, road traffic accidents, all of which are overseen by the Executive Committee. All suppliers are also required to adopt equivalent safety standards to our own.

We have adopted a robust security framework in line with established best practice which embeds minimum standards in the diverse environments where we operate. We continually monitor performance by tracking incident reporting, audits and training to ensure we immediately uncover, investigate and remedy potential risks. All while maintaining compliance with all applicable local legal requirements and standards.

We recognise the importance of protecting information, processes and systems, from our own to customer and partner data. Our cyber security framework is integrated into our operational and commercial procedures to ensure we maintain high standards of security.

Our dedicated IT security team oversee the data security framework to ensure it remains in line with best practice and the emerging threat landscape. We also provide cyber security training to all employees to ensure a security-aware culture. For ongoing protection, we monitor our data security performance through audits and system tests, including vulnerability scanning, ongoing employee training including regular phishing testing.

We adopt only the highest standards of corporate governance, managed by our own dedicated compliance team. We are committed to doing business with transparency, integrity and honesty and have implemented robust policies to maintain these values.

Our Code of Conduct sets clear standards of behaviour for our people. This is part of our training for every employee, who are encouraged to speak up through an independent service if they identify any issues.

Our Sustainability framework is overseen by our ESG Committee, who monitor risks and track our performance.

Our external partnerships help to inform our progress and our commitment to a sustainable future. We benchmark our performance to help drive continuous improvement. We also work with other businesses to learn best practice and to share our own experiences to help promote sustainable performance in other organisations. This includes partnering with our suppliers to drive sustainable practices throughout our supply chain.

We report our performance transparently each year and benchmark our progress to help drive continuous improvement.

Aggreko - Energising Change

Learn more about Energising Change™

To learn more about how we are putting all our energy together and Energising Change™ for a positive future,  download our Energising Change™ brochure or view our interactive map below.

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