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Mining Power Supply Optimisation & Hybridisation Solutions

Mining power infrastructure optimisation

Energising your mining operations is a huge expense – presenting the biggest opportunity for you to optimise costs and help you meet your ESG goals.

With energy costs accounting for approximately 30% of total cash operating costs, optimising your power infrastructure is crucial for your profit optimisation.

That’s why Aggreko is the ideal long-term energy partner for you, your power plant, and your Energy Transition aspirations.

We will work alongside you to provide a tailored solution, no matter what stage of the Energy Transition you are at – driven by our commitment to creating better energy solutions together.

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Accelerating your mining operation energy transition

With mining companies in all corners of the world facing capital expenditure constraints, the idea of updating or decarbonising your systems can seem like a distant goal.

Partnering with Aggreko will accelerate your vision, bringing the future into the present.

As a long-term energy partner, we will help you through your Energy Transition journey. Whether that’s by:

  • optimising your current power infrastructure and set-up
  • upgrading your power tech to the most efficient available on the market
  • helping you transition to a lower-impact carbon fuel such as Gas through an LNG or LPG Virtual Pipeline
  • hybridising your thermal plant by adding solar and / or energy storage via batteries.

Aggreko will move your energy strategy forward, giving you the competitive advantage needed to succeed.

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