Cleaner technology and sustainable energy alternatives

The first pillar of our sustainability framework is focused on creating better and cleaner flexible energy solutions for our customers. 

We are taking practical steps to reduce diesel fuel in customer solutions by encouraging clean energy alternatives. We are also embedding actions to reduce local air quality emissions from customer solutions by 50% by 2030.

We are investing in sustainable energy solutions

#1 Investing in our product fleet: Gas, emissionised diesel, energy storage, solar and alternative fuels

We are investing in our product fleet with a clear focus on emissionised diesel (Stage V/T4F), highly efficient gas engines and engines that can run on alternative fuels, as well as energy storage solutions and solar technology.

In 2021, we invested £80 million in lower-carbon products, helping our customers reduce emissions.

#2 Investing in new, cleaner technology 

We are continually investing in new technologies. Our goal is to identify and incorporate cleaner technology as soon as it becomes scalable, reliable and economically viable.

We have been working with our partner CMB.TECH to develop a 50kVA hydrogen generator which we will be trialling with customers. We are also investing in 10 additional units to trial, leading the energy transition together with our partners and customers. You can learn more about this trial here.

#3 Accelerating the transition to sustainable energy solutions 

We are dedicating resources to accelerating the energy transition. Our Future Technologies team is dedicated to analysing new technology, alternative fuels and new ways of generating power. Here's an example of how we worked with EVA Energia to use landfill gas to deliver cleaner energy. You can learn more about how we can help our customers to repurpose methane and use it to power operations hereDiscover how we can also help our oil and gas clients to eliminate flaring and generate cost effective power - Middle East's largest flare gas to power project fully operational | Aggreko

While diesel is still an option, we also have teams of engineers developing solutions that integrate renewables and battery storage into our energy solutions. As a result, we can offer better, lower-carbon, low-cost and highly efficient-energy solutions to every customer. Discover how we did just that at the Syama mining complex in Mali.

#4 Taking a data-driven approach to sustainability

With unparalleled access to data around energy demands and asset performance, we can continually adjust our systems to provide cost-effective, reliable clean energy solutions. 

The Aggreko Remote Monitoring System helps us monitor our assets and optimise their performance around customer needs and sustainability goals. You can read here about how the Aggreko Remote Monitoring system can help to improve energy efficiency and safety.

#5 Creating partnerships for alternative fuels

To reduce the diesel fuel used in our customer solutions, we work with partners to offer alternative fuels and services. We have already started helping some customers switch to lower-emission fuels, including gas and alternative drop-in liquid fuels. Have a closer look at how a switch to gas can play a part in reducing emissions.

See how we're helping our customers make the switch to gas here.

Recently, we helped the organisers of the 149th Open Championship to reduce emissions by up to 40% with a hybrid energy system. This included battery storage and generators fuelled by HVO fuel – a sustainable biodiesel derived from waste and residue feedstock. You can learn more about how we helped here.

We are helping our customers navigate the energy transition

#1 Sharing new developments with our customers

We are sharing our knowledge of the energy transition with our customers and we keep our customers informed of our technology investment, particularly the new technologies we test and pilot.

As we develop new energy solutions, we share our expertise with our customers, helping them adopt better energy solutions as the technology becomes available. One example is our regular updates on the hydrogen generator and fuel cell battery hybrid trials.

#2 Optimising energy solutions

We optimise generator sizes wherever possible through:

  • Helping our customers understand their energy needs
  • Incorporating energy storage solutions
  • Incorporating renewable energy solutions

Working together, we can reduce emissions through reducing fuel consumption, but also reduce the total cost of energy. We are also enabling customers to leverage renewable energy from the grid where available. You can discover how we partnered with the 43rd Ryder Cup to lower their footprint with innovative power and lighting solutions.

We developed a hybrid solution for global mining operator Gold Fields. Our 25.9 MW solar and thermal hybrid solution is estimated to deliver 9,500 tCO2e of carbon emissions savings. You can learn more about this groundbreaking solution here

#3 Providing insights on emissions 

As well as sharing insights on emissions and helping customers optimise operations, we offer customers a cleaner energy alternative where possible.

We will provide alternative quotes to customers, one optimised to reduce emissions. You can learn more about the roll out of our Greener Upgrades calculator here - Greener power I Green power for construction sites | Aggreko

We will also give our customers access to accurate emissions data through our digital programme.

Significant progress and measurable reductions

We are already providing sustainable energy solutions for customers around the world.

From turning landfill, bio and flare gas into power to investing in energy storage and solar, we are leading the energy transition – and reducing greenhouse gas emissions as a result.

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