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Data Centre Temporary Power, HVAC and Energy Storage Solutions

Supporting data centres through their entire lifecycle with power, cooling and testing needs.

Global data centre solution provider in temporary power, temperature control and testing

From building and commissioning new data centres, to upgrades and day-to-day-operations, our engineers can design, test and install reliable power, temperature control and loadbank services. And if you do have a data centre power emergency, we’ll respond speedily – no matter where you are in the world.

  • Fast, scalable power to bridge your energy gap
  • Smart energy storage that saves and pays
  • Energy efficient cooling to bring costs and temperatures down
  • Heating and dehumidification precisely when and where you need it
  • Loadbanks for testing under real world conditions, without real world consequences

Whether you’re taking advantage of our hire for three months or three years, you’ll always benefit from our 24/7 expert support. You’ll also have access to the latest cutting-edge technology and our flexible modular design means you can easily adjust capacity based on your requirements.

Best of all, our mobile and modular products are easily scaled up and down according to demand, meaning you only pay for what you need.

Talk to our data centre experts.

Extra innovation

We design and purpose-build every piece of equipment, ensuring that they all work and communicate with each other, seamlessly.

Extra expertise

We have established numerous centres of excellence, dedicated to supporting data centres around the world.

Extra reassurance

As the sector rapidly moves towards ‘standardisation’, we have developed a consistent, modular approach.

Extra flexibility

Decentralised energy solutions can reduce capital expenditure, minimise energy consumption and increase revenue potential.

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data centre life cycle partner

Cleaner power without compromise

Keeping you online

For every stage of the data center lifecycle

Whether you’re a Hyperscaler, Colocation Provider, Owner or Specialty Contractor, our data centre technical experts will partner with your teams to solve your problems

Increase your speed to market with our data centre power management systems

Scale capacity and storage faster with:

  • Power systems for testing
  • Temporary temperature control, power supply and dehumidification 
  • A responsive approach, anywhere in the world

Flexible power and temperature control solutions

Outpace your competitors and maintain data centre service with:

  • Additional cooling or power for peak operations
  • Equipment rental for planned maintenance and upgrades

Data center contingency planning

Prepare for the unthinkable with:

  • A bespoke contingency plan for data center utilities
  • Instantly available backup equipment
  • Everything you need to guarantee uptime

Sustainable data centers

Achieve your data centre energy transition goals with Aggreko’s sustainable power supply solutions. Take the next step in your Energy Transition with:

  • Modular equipment designed to closely match your required capacity
  • Sustainable data center equipment including gas generators and re-using waste heat to generate electricity

Experts in temporary power and temperature control solutions

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