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Aggreko Event Services

We’re proud to deliver energy solutions that Set The Stage for some of the most exciting events the sports, music, corporate and culture industry has to offer. We’ve been involved in events for more than 30 years, providing innovative temporary energy solutions that put on spectacular shows across every corner of the globe.

Our experts are as adaptable as our mobile, modular equipment, with our teams leaning on decades worth of event sector knowledge.

To reach our goal of achieving net-zero emissions across our own business operations by 2030 and reduce by 50% the emissions of our customers, we diligently monitor all event operations to maximise energy efficiency and implement renewable energy solutions that reduce the overall carbon footprint of your event, leaving the greatest positive impact on the environment around us.

Whether you’re entertaining an audience of one, or broadcasting to millions worldwide, we’ll take care of the details, leaving you to take centre stage.


Our people are the difference. We are experts in what we do. We’ve Set The Stage for decades. We have unparalleled experience delivering energy solutions to events, from weddings to world renowned sports competitions.

We’re taking you Behind The Stage to meet our people, from our apprentices to our Senior Engineers, you’ll see the work they do the world doesn’t normally see.


Global warming will further challenge the events industry. Our stage, planet earth, must react and as a major influencer in sustainable energy solutions across events, we’ll be encouraging events to Set The Stage responsibly.

We have our own sustainability targets to meet and we’ll be reporting on our efforts to Protect The Stage.


Events have the power to unite nations, inspire generations and change the world. Across the worldwide locations where we Set The Stage, we are in a unique position to effect positive change within the local communities.

We are united by our vision for inclusion, diversity and giving all the opportunity to be part of the sports, music and cultural initiatives that inspire us. We all have the ability to Inspire The Stage and we’ll be working across our events to make this happen.


We power progress, delivering our services around the clock wherever they’re needed. Our services encompass energy and temperature control solutions, whilst we provide expert consultation across but not limited to: sustainability, electrical services, distributed generation, project management and design.

Temperature Control

We provide round the clock heating, ventilation and cooling solutions for all events. Our experts are adept at providing and maintaining pinpoint temperature control for your attendees and entertainers alike.


We offer advanced solutions in energy efficiency through data monitoring, smart design, hybrid energy solutions and best use of grid availability. We have a global fleet of equipment and comprehensive solutions ready and waiting to make sure your event has what it needs to be memorable.

We can help you set the stage

Need power to raise the curtain? Temperature control for the crowd?

We work quietly behind the scenes, making sure the lights are powered, the sound checks run smoothly and activities are broadcasted worldwide


Track Record

Some key events we have recently partnered with include:

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship, We Love Green Festival, The 150th Open Championship, Invictus Games The Hague 2022, 2023 Ryder Cup and Cirque du Soleil.

See how we can make your event sustainable

Event Services

Delivering Events of scale