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Industrial Power and HVAC Solutions for the Energy and Utilities Sector

Power supply solutions for industrial energy and utilities sector

At Aggreko we power progress – delivering energy anywhere it’s needed so businesses can grow and communities can thrive. We also care about helping you build energy resiliency, reduce costs, and transition to cleaner fuels.

With around 10 GW of energy solutions currently in operation worldwide; we have the technology, fuel and financing solutions that can support you with anything from emergency response, mobilised and on the ground within hours, to longer-term solutions that support the utilities industry’ 10 year energy transition and renewable integration.

Our service offering

Engineered power, cooling, heating and compressed air solutions for utility maintenance, commissioning and emergencies

Nuclear Plants

Permanent Power Plant

Power Generation

Hydro Plants

Solar Plants

Wind Farms

Waste Water Facilities

Transmission and Distribution

  • Alternate power and cooling systems that address limited condition of operation (LCO) commitments during planned outages
  • Cooling solutions to increase worker stay-time parameters
  • Temporary cooling for spent fuel pools during maintenance projects
  • Emergency and backup power
  • Certified technicians and engineering teams to support implementation and project management

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Permanent Power Plant
  • Temperature control to protect turbine components and windings during plant maintenance
  • Temporary power systems during catastrophic failures
  • Process improvements such as cooling turbine inlet air to increase efficiencies
  • Process improvements such as lube oil cooling and season inlet water cooling to increase efficiecny and minise downtime
  • Supplement plant air for outage support and mechanical failure
  • Custom power systems for generator stator loop testing

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Power Generation
  • Peak shaving operations to supplement power gap due to seasonal high demand
  • Baseload power for additional generation capacity for grid
  • Grid ancillary services due to intermittent nature of renewables
  • Emergency power for unexpected contingencies and natural disasters

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Hydro Plants
  • Temporary power during outages to keep gates and spillways operating
  • Turbine room cooling
  • Cooling for concrete curing during construction
  • Temporary micro grid generation during seasonal droughts and low water level
Solar Plants
  • A/C – D/C load bank testing for pre-commissioning and commissioning of solar farms
  • Seasonal switchgear and MCC cooling
  • Supplemental generation/DER to support farm during outage and maintenance events
  • Transformer and switchgear supplement for redundancy and change outs
  • Power generation with solar hybrid technology with energy storage solutions

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Wind Farms
  • Temporary power systems to test, certify and start up wind turbines when grid power is not yet available
  • Rental power for pre-commissioning, construction trailers, testing and nacelle storage
  • Generators and load banks for commissioning
  • Power and cooling for planned outages and tower maintenance

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Waste Water Facilities
  • Emergency power for unplanned outages
  • Critical backup power (natural gas or diesel)
  • Chillers for process water
  • Discharge water cooling to meet regulations

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Transmission and Distribution
  • Minimization of power supply interruptions during maintenance and upgrades with complete, temporary power systems synchronized to the grid
  • Temporary power fleets to restore power during emergencies caused by severe weather, earthquakes and other natural disasters
  • Long-term provisions for distributed generation systems in outage-prone areas

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Aggreko's energy and power solutions for utility industry

With our people and deep expertise plus our experience of working in different environments in every corner of the world, we can help you no matter how complex your challenge. Our energy consulting services include designing, installing and operating power solutions ranging in size from 1 MW to over 200 MW.

Furthermore, with our know-how and scale, you benefit from the latest most efficient technologies, freeing you from having to invest and manage these yourself, so you can focus on your customers and communities.

As industrial energy and utilities sector experts we can:

  • partner with your business or organisation to understand your grid challenges and limitations, and advise an optimisation strategy to ensure you get the highest levels of reliability while achieving an attractive total cost of energy.
  • give you the ability to accelerate your transition to cleaner fuels as well as incorporate renewables through hybrid power.
  • review and fully understand your Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) to understand how you want your grid to adapt to meet your, growth demands, reliability goals, ESG targets and renewable generation thresholds - ultimately helping you deliver your energy roadmap.

Aggreko has a trusted track record, meaning we’re the right long-term partner to help you understand how to transition your different power generation assets, bring renewable energy into the mix and help you accelerate or meet your future energy aspirations.

Experts in temporary power solutions

Fueling Energy Transition

We are trusted worldwide by many businesses in different industries, meaning we have the knowledge and experience to be a long-term partner to help you with your Energy Transition. We will work with you to understand how you can transition your different power generation assets, bring renewable energy into the mix and help you accelerate or meet your future energy aspirations.

How we support the utility sector

Our experienced utility experts can help you by:

  • Grid-connected core power and bridging power solutions
  • Legacy (fossil) system optimisation and maintenance services
  • Flexible grid services
  • Rural electrification and off-grid hybrid power
  • Utility scale renewable commissioning

Experts in power and temperature solutions

No matter the project, our rental services will meet your needs

Our experienced power utility sector experts can help you plan for every situation, from emergencies to day-to-day operations.

With you every step of the way