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Long-term flexible mining power supply

Partner with Aggreko to meet your long-term mining power supply needs giving you what you need today, and when you're ready we can help move you to a more sustainable future

Whatever your priority is for your long-term mining power supply, we offer flexible energy solutions that will meet any power demand, location or ESG restrictions and available fuel – all without compromising on power reliability or fuel efficiency.

A key benefit of partnering with us to deliver your long-term power needs is the ability to bring in new technology or being able to switch your fuel type under the same contract. Unlike a traditional power purchase agreement (PPA), we offer a truly flexible agreement and remove any risk of being locked in should your mine need to terminate early as a result of hardship, or a commodity price crash.

If you need power in a hurry, we can quickly bring you bridging power – getting you up and running within weeks while we continue to work with you to model your power demand based on your load profile and create a solution that meets your longer-term needs. Once those needs have been carefully defined, we can work on delivering a tailored highly efficient solution including helping you switch to a lower emission thermal fuel as it becomes available or hybridise your energy mix through adding renewable energy during the contract duration.

Flexible power purchase agreement and commercial terms

With flexibility – this also goes for how we finance the project, and structure the commercial agreement too. You can pay for some of it upfront or put it all on operational expenditure. We can also offer an IPP style arrangement where you’ll pay for the availability of the MW that you need, and an energy charge based on your kWh usage.

We help you progress your business with better and cleaner mining energy solutions throughout the life of your mine and;

  • we do this globally, any location even remote or challenging environmental conditions
  • we do it quickly – delivering a power supply for mining in just weeks if needed
  •  it’s scalable – scale up or down to match the power demands of your mining life cycle
  • you can introduce new technology – swap to more efficient power tech as it's available, switch fuels or add an energy storage system
  • early termination options are available to de-risk your energy operations


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