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the challenge

 Avoid bacteriological contamination to keep the production safe.

The customer is a major actor in water industry with a strong presence in his country. With more than 90 years in the business areas of Hospitality, Tourism, Thermal Spa, Bottling Distribution of Mineral Waters Industry; the company enabling the bottling of 40 million liters per year, either glass bottles or PET bottles lines.

From collecting to bottling, water is the subject of strict quality control. 

The customer needed us to eliminate bacteriological contamination in the process of mineral water production that will result in losses in the final product with contaminated batches to be discarded.

Project fact file

500 Kw

Hot water boiler

Buffer tanks

+ fuel auxilary tanks

62° C - 80° C

increase temperature of CIP Solution


Increase the temperature to counter an outbreak

In response to an outbreak of pollution, the solution was to increase the temperature of the CIP solution to temperatures between 62°C and 80°C, thereby maximizing the efficiency of the cleaning solution and countering the outbreak.

A critical activity was identified and it was necessary to ensure continuity of the Thermal production system as soon as possible.


Help a water manufacturer to keep the production clean

The Aggreko difference

Our expertise and the knowledge of the sector make a massive difference.

the impact

Modify circuits in place to avoid contamination with our solution

Since this is a chemical solution and after receiving the fluids data concerning the CIP solution, Aggreko decided to preserve the primary circuit (hot water production).

To succeed, it has been necessary to separate specific circuits already in place in order to avoid contacts of the chemical solution with Aggreko boilers.

In addition, we have included in the set up a secondary side of the Exchange : a pumping
system WP. 

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