30 Mar 2021

First battery in Turkey commissioned by Aggreko to stabilise national grid

A blue sky entwined with an orange hue, indiciative of a sun setting. In the forefront, power lines branching off the picture

Aggreko, the global leader in mobile and modular energy solutions, has successfully commissioned Turkey’s first grid-stabilising battery.

The 500-kilowatt, one-hour lithium-ion system will help the regional distribution system operator (DSO), enhancing grid stability in its electricity network by delivering critical system services. The project showcases the benefits of adding batteries into power grid infrastructure and supports network upgrade deferral.

First deployed at a substation near the town of Alaca, the battery system will deliver reactive power support, improving the overall power quality. However, the mobile and modular battery pack can also be easily redeployed to other substations in the region in order to provide temporary grid relief.

Karim Wazni, Managing Director of Aggreko Microgrid and Storage Solutions, said: “We are very pleased that our battery system was chosen to increase stability in the grid. Our solutions make energy infrastructure stronger and more flexible, which is key to integrating a growing share of renewables and successfully decarbonising and decentralising energy systems around the world. Aggreko’s mobile and modular solutions effectively address grid challenges where and when they arise - from solar integration in the summer to demand spikes in winter.”

Turkey’s power grid is facing growing, but fluctuating, energy demand as well as stronger production volatility as more and more renewable energy systems make use of the country’s ample wind and solar resources. Currently, solar power accounts for around 4% of the country’s energy mix, although there are ambitions for capacity to be doubled in 2021. Aggreko’s temporary solutions add flexibility and extra resilience to existing power infrastructure – as well as helping to bridge the gap towards a cleaner and more efficient energy system.