Power solutions for the utilities sector


Power is in our blood

We believe our power generation, transmission, and distribution expertise is second to none. Whether you’re bringing a fossil fuel plant or nuclear plant online, need temporary power and distribution during planned or unplanned outages, or have HVAC, compressed air, or dehumidification needs, Aggreko has a trusted track record.

We know that no two plants are the same. So instead of supplying off-the-shelf rental equipment, we listen to your needs, work out the best approach, then engineer, deliver, install, monitor, and maintain the best solution for the job. Most of the time, this means we custom-design power, cooling or dehumidification systems for our customers, and this is where we excel.

Our electrical engineers and industry-savvy technicians are certified to work in the utilities industry, which means we know how to reduce outage days, keep customer interruptions to a minimum and maintain a safe working environment. You’ll be in safe hands with us as your utility partner.

How we keep power flowing to your customers

Our experienced utility engineers can help you by:

  • Supplementing the grid to overcome generation capacity constraints
  • Seasonal peak shaving during periods of increased demand
  • Temporary power during planned maintenance or unplanned outages
  • Power for remote areas not yet connected to the grid
  • Power for construction and commissioning a new power plant
  • Loadbanks for testing generators and power systems
  • Transmission and distribution support to achieve rural electrifications through network extension
  • Efficient and reliable diesel power generation or gas power generation packages
  • Modular equipment design at all common utility voltages, from 3.3kV to 63kV 



How can we help you?

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