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Combined heat and power

Significantly shrink your energy bill, with

Combined heat and power

Harness waste heat from power generation to cut costs and reduce carbon emissions. Cogeneration of power and heat is a highly efficient way to capture the heat from gas generators - keeping gas bills down and power up.

The Aggreko way

Our CHP solutions let you generate power, heat, steam or hot water by smartly using the waste heat from engines’ exhaust or high-temperature coolant.

We focus on delivering you cost savings and lowering emissions, with efficiency at the core, no matter the project size. And our expert consultants will be there with you, to advise and implement every step of the way.

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Clean, stable and reliable energy

Save up to 20% on energy costs with CHP gas generators

Help meet sustainability and low carbon targets, by lowering emissions up to 30%

Keep competitive and secure your supply, always

Benefit from government incentives for CHP schemes

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