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How are we creating energy solutions for the present as well as the future?

Creating better energy solutions together

Unmatched experience

For more than 50 years we’ve helped businesses around the world improve productivity, manage power demands and plan for emergencies.


From the people we hire, to our exceptional expertise – we do things with a passion that sets us apart

Why Aggreko?

Expertise, reach and performance for all your energy solution needs


We’re specialists. We support a variety of industries in 124 countries to ensure they have reliable energy and power when and where they needed. As sector specialists we have the knowledge and solutions to support our customers in achieving their unique ambitions.

About Us

Innovative thinking

We’re delivering innovative results by combining the latest technologies and techniques with proven and reliable solutions, reducing emissions and maximising efficiency for the benefit of the environment and customer profitability. 

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With rapidly-deployable, modular products, designed to work together, and scale up and down as demand requires, we’re making it easy for customers to switch to greener solutions today.

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We’re developing for a low-carbon future. As a business we’re investing in more sustainable products, fuels and services to make greener solutions accessible for our customers. Wherever they are on their journey we can help them to make informed decisions and support them to be cleaner and greener.

About Us

Aggreko solutions

We’re the leading provider of flexible energy worldwide

Hybrid Power Generation

Combine all renewable energy technologies for reliable solutions

Efficient Thermal Power Generation

We have the power equipment you need to succeed

Find the power distribution system for you with the help of our experts

Microgrids and Energy Storage Solutions

Seamlessly integrate and manage all forms of power

Solar Solutions

Let us help you activate your solar capability

Virtual Pipelines

We work with you to enable virtual pipeline projects where possible

Combined Heat And Power

Cut the cost of powering hot water or steam systems, with rental generators that capture waste heat.

High Voltage Power Solutions

Have the confidence of safe high voltage power, installed quickly to the exact needs of your site. Accredited equipment, at the highest safety standards. 

Remote Monitoring & Control System for Generators

Stay one step ahead