What role can natural gas play in reaching net zero?

Natural gas can play a bigger part in lowering emissions than you might think.
Trying to achieve net zero can seem like a daunting prospect. The need to reduce emissions is clear, but decarbonisation presents a significant financial and logistical challenge, particularly for certain sectors.

While natural gas might not typically come to mind as a solution, for industries relying on diesel power it can be an ideal bridging fuel.

Natural gas emits up to 40 per cent less CO2, 80 per cent less NOx, and 99 per cent less SO2 than diesel, so for hard-to-decarbonise sectors it might be just what they need.

Up until recently, however, there was one major challenge: Natural gas was only accessible to projects located in close proximity to pipelines. But this is changing.

Virtual gas pipelines — key to gas accessibility

Virtual pipelines provide a regular supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to customers lying outside the reach of the existing gas distribution infrastructure.

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Cryogenic tank containers transport the gas in a liquid state at a temperature of -162°C. The cooling process shrinks the volume, making it safer to store and easier to transport, occupying approximately 1/600th of the space compared to when it’s in its gaseous state.
This provides a crucial lifeline for sectors that conduct projects in areas without access to natural gas pipelines. LNG, supplied via virtual pipelines, ensures that such projects can be fuelled by a lower-emission alternative to diesel.

Our latest Perspective looks at the role natural gas can play in lowering emissions. And how virtual pipelines can provide easy access for remote sites such as mines.


We uncover:

  • How virtual pipelines supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) to remote areas
  • The hard-to-abate sectors that can quickly reduce their emissions with natural gas
  • How natural gas use is growing thanks to its cost- and emissions-cutting potential
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Conor Dooley, Director of Business Development for the Energy Sectors at Aggreko, talks about what the road ahead looks like for Liquid Natural Gas and Virtual Pipelines.


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