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For the most challenging situations in the world – indoors and out.

We have tough, portable heating solutions

Whether you need to make things comfortable for your workers, or if you need help with ground thawing or concrete curing, we have the best heating equipment for the job.

There are many different ways to heat air, so we’ve designed our equipment to be flexible, robust and portable. What’s more, we know the importance of keeping noise levels to a minimum, so we build our equipment with industry-leading soundproofing.

Whether you need primary heating, a winter boost, or need to heat a large space, we’ll help you find the best heater for your project.


Our heaters are reliable, simple to use and easy to transport – whatever the size. What’s more, we’ve built them to be low maintenance, so you can be sure of trouble-free running.

From maintaining the temperature on construction sites, to melting the ice used in temporary ice rinks, we can help with a range of heating challenges, including:

  • Construction: We help speed up projects with heating for curing concrete, drying paint, coatings or plastering, and maintaining the temperature during fit-out.
  • Events, films and TV: We provide comfort heating in theatres, arenas, marquees and broadcasting facilities.
  • Data centres: We use our portable electric heaters for heat load testing air conditioning systems.
  • Pharmaceuticals and food and beverage: We help with dew point prevention in sensitive areas and preservation of perishable goods.
  • Facilities management: We help dry out buildings after flooding, or support HVAC systems with our backup heating if yours fail.

Electric heaters

Our electric heaters are completely fume, flame and moisture-free, making them ideal for both indoors and outdoors use.

They’re lightweight and portable with heavy-duty wheels, fork pockets and lift eye points. Safety features include a fan-only cool down period and full internal heat regulator sensing. They can be controlled on the unit or by a remote thermostat.

Indirect fired heaters

Our indirect fired heaters are perfect for tackling larger spaces. They’re fully fume-free with no additional moisture and run smoothly thanks to our top quality fuel filtering. They also have integral fuel tanks, which means you can run them for up to 24 hours.

Heat exchangers

Usually used for cooling of process fluids, the heat gathered can be used in heating systems – which can improve your energy efficiency.

Why Aggreko?

  • Team of qualified and experienced heating engineers
  • 24/7 service – wherever you are in the world
  • Reliable, efficient and cost effective

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