Industrial Air Conditioner on Rent


Large-Scale Industrial Air Conditioning Rental

Our air conditioning rental service is perfect for whenever you need 100% fresh and cool air. From film sets and events, to offices and industrial settings, they keep temperatures just right.

Our AC on rent service is available in sizes from 7 kW to 210 kW, adaptable for all commercial and industrial settings. Our DX air conditioners offer flexible, portable air conditioning where and when you need it.

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Adaptable Air Conditioning Rental for HVAC back-up

Whether you need a robust commercial air conditioner for your factory when the existing one breaks down or a industrial air conditioner to provide crucial comfort cooling under intense heat within confined industrial settings, such as those of underground mines, we have the right expertise to design the right HVAC cooling system to ensure that your workers are able to work under safe and comfortable conditions.

Our DX air conditioning units are hard wearing and built to work alongside your existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment to provide the temperature range you need.The compact construction of these self-contained units makes them an ideal solution for applications where space can be a problem. In addition they run from a low electrical input, making them energy and cost efficient.

Outdoor Cooling with adaptable Air Conditioning

And if low noise is essential – no problem, our AC units run at industry-leading levels of soundproofing – making them perfect for use in tents and marquees without disturbing your event. As specialist in large-scale outdoor cooling, we can even combine chillers and air handlers to provide air conditioning for large spaces.



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