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600 kVA Stage V Generator

Robust and fuel efficient, our Stage V generators can deliver on your temporary power needs without sacrificing performance. Installed and monitored by experts, our Stage V generators deliver low-emission energy generation through improved technology.

Our 600 kVA Stage V generator offers greater efficiencies, low noise levels, and lessens the impact on global and local emissions - and can run on both diesel and HVO.

Data is based on 50 Hz. For more information please request a data sheet or download our Stage V generator brochure.

Running Hours 100% Load 50 Hz - 113.1 l/hr60 Hz - 141.2 l/hr50 Hz - 84.9 l/hr60 Hz - 73.5 l/hr
Running Hours 100% Load 60 Hz - 106.5 l/hr50 Hz - 66.4 l/hr
NOx (Oxides of Nitrogen) 50 Hz - 0.17 g/kWhr 60 Hz - 0.4 g/kWhr
PM (Particulate Matter) 50 Hz - 0.012 g/kWhr 60 Hz - 0.0137 g/kWhr
CO (Carbon Monoxide) 50 Hz - 0.043 g/kWhr 60 Hz - 0.066 g/kWhr
HC (Unburnt Hydrocarbons) 50 Hz - 0.007 g/kWhr 60 Hz - 0.013 g/kWhr
Sound Power EEC 100
Sound Pressure at 1M 50 Hz - 81.5 dBA60 Hz - 81.6 dBA
Sound Pressure at 7M 50 Hz - 73.1 dBA60 Hz - 72.4 dBA
Weight (kg.) Without Fuel 8782kg
Width (m) 1.9m
Length (m) 5.16m
Height (m) 2.9m


  • Designed and assembled to Aggreko’s standards
  • Bolted, galvanised, alloy steel canopy with lockable doors
  • Acoustically designed equipment
  • Low fuel level warning sensor in fuel tank
  • Forklift pockets in base frame and lifting beam on top
  • Optional 2-point lifting arrangement


  • Reduced emissions and compliant with the latest EU Stage V regulations
  • New aftertreatment system making it more efficient than the previous generation of diesel engines
  • Flexible 50 and 60 Hz units
  • Data driven, which allows better remote information – smarter servicing
  • Works perfectly on alternative fuels as HVO
  • Arc Flash detection and ingress protection moisture louvres, giving better protection of the internal components of the canopy from the environment
  • Range of warnings and shutdowns on control system protects generator set from electrical and mechanical damage, helps identify and rectify faults before they occur

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