Solar-diesel hybrid Power Plants

Solar-diesel hybrid

Hybrid power key benefits

  • Up to 20 % reduction in electricity cost

  • Reliable power, 24/7

  • A single turnkey contract for solar and diesel

Our hybrid power package is designed to benefit any industry with a power need in a location with limited or no access to permanent power. Sectors include: Mining, cement, manufacturing, remote communities and military

"We have the experience and know-how, so adding renewable technology was a natural step and helps us bring addition benefits to our off-grid customers."

Our solar-diesel hybrid package offers the best of both worlds, uninterrupted power 24/7 at an affordable cost to your business.


We know your business can’t operate without reliable power. But getting reliable, uninterrupted power can sometimes be a challenge, especially in remote areas of the world, or areas without access to sufficient grid capacity.

Diesel Generators (DG), Gas Generators (GG) or those running on heavy fuel have been providing reliable power for years. Especially in remote areas, they were often the only choice to ensure safe and stable electricity supply to communities and businesses.

Now we’ve harnessed renewable technology to combine the advantages of clean renewable energy to those of our reliable diesel generators.

Solar power is now more affordable than ever and it’s clean which is good news for the environment. But it can be intermittent and unreliable. Night falls or clouds come in and power is lost. Seasons change and power capacity drops, which means that your business cannot rely on it as a sole energy source.

Diesel power is reliable, so you can have electricity round the clock. But for off-grid customers diesel fuel is often a high proportion of operating costs.

Our solar-diesel hybrid package combines seamlessly both sources of energy thanks to a state-of-the-art energy management system, minimising operating costs without compromising on reliability.

This gives you reliable power, 24/7, with cost savings of up to 20% over diesel only power all packaged into a single contract, for your peace of mind.

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Aggreko signs 10-year solar-diesel power deal in Eritrea

Aggreko will supply 22 MW of diesel and 7.5 MW of solar-generated power

Client: Nevsun, Eritrea

Solar-diesel hybrid press release

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With the world facing an estimated power gap of 100 GW by the end of this decade, quick, scalable power is set to be even more crucial to industry, communities and entire economies. That’s why we’re continually innovating to meet the future with confidence – supplying power on demand, anywhere in the world, while respecting the environment.

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