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Outback Iron Ore Mine Australia

Off-Grid Power Systems for Mining

Off-Grid Power for Mines

Mining companies are under great financial pressure as a result of fluctuating demand and uncertainty around commodity prices, so the need to improve efficiency across all operational aspects of a mine site is mission critical. Reducing costs and maximising production are key issues directly impacted by a firm’s energy choices.

Grid connection is not always available as mining companies are forced to push new frontiers of exploration due to scarce resources. To reach those resources which remain, mines are increasingly being established in off-grid locations and their lifecycle is decreasing, meaning it is no longer always financially viable to build permanent power infrastructures to service the mine.

Instead, remote mines are now utilising scalable microgrids that can evolve with the lifecycle, improving flexibility and efficiency. These microgrids also offer an independence from the grid that can often result in a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on reliability. Whether it’s a thermal, renewable or a hybrid, a mine’s power strategy needs to address capacity needs and how this is likely to change.

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Key benefits of an Aggreko microgrid:

  • Turn-key power plants which are designed, engineered, commissioned and operated to the same high standard globally
  • 24/7 operations personnel with on site storage of critical parts and on-going supply chain
  • Mobilisation and civils including fuel infrastructure by technicians
  • Generators pre-packaged in modular ISO containers; automatic synchronizing and load-sharing fitted as standard
  • Step-up to HV in “packs” in standard configuration for quick ramp up/down
  • Plant control from site or via remote monitoring
  • Best suited for harsh operating conditions – high ambient, humidity, remote locations
  • Market-leading efficiency for modular diesel, gas or solar hybrid
  • Fully retrievable – no stranding risks
  • Unlimited start/stops & variable loads 

A Mine's power strategy needs to address capacity needs and how this is likely to change. Don't let power hold you back, contact us today to fast track your mining operation. 


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