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Aggreko has decades of experience in delivering innovative, cost-effective engineered solutions to the midstream industry

When you’re working in such a dynamic sector, you need a partner you can trust. Aggreko employs talented engineers who deliver customised solutions to meet the demands of any midstream project, including:

  • New construction and expansion
  • Testing and commissioning for pipelines or midstream facilities
  • Day-to-day maintenance
  • Turnarounds even using gas generators to save on cost
  • Risk management and contingency planning

Pushing boundaries

We remove process limitations through our unique Aggreko Process Services (APS), which helps mitigate risks caused by high ambient temperatures and fouled or underperforming equipment.

Our state of the art technology and engineering capabilities help reduce your environmental risks and ensure industry and government environmental compliance.

When it comes to power for expansion and new construction we provide:

  • Diesel, LNG, CNG, Field Gas, Stranded Gas and Propane Back-up Generators Pipeline drying and dehumidification
  • 100% Oil-Free Air Compressors
  • NGL integrity testing
  • Dehumidification for summer digs
  • Heating and power for winter dig compressor stations
  • Inlet air cooling for turbine drives on gas compressors
  • Inlet gas conditioning for lean-burn engines
  • Discharge gas cooling digs

And for Gas Processing Plants we’ve got you covered too, with:

  • Hydrocarbon dew point control
  • Fin-Fan Cooling in summer
  • Debottlenecking of processes that have too much heat
  • Throughput/Process Enhancement
  • Cooling Gas for Amine, Glycol, etc.
  • Overhead Cooling in Fractionators
  • Oil-Free Air used for plant dry out O&G storage
  • Heating and Dehumidifying during storage tanks curing process


Consistently optimise production with our oil and gas services