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Drilling Mud Cooling

Maintain drill temperature and stay productive with a tailored mud cooling solution

In high-pressure, high-temperature wells, mud cooling when drilling is critical to the success of your project. The volatile environment can lead to equipment failure, safety risks, and unstable mud properties. This is not only costly in terms of delays, but contracts often dictate that financial penalties are incurred for safety failures or non-productive time.

Effective drilling mud cooling can help you in several ways:

  • Controlling formation pressures
  • Removing cuttings from the wellbore
  • Sealing permeable formations encountered while drilling
  • Cooling and lubricating the drill bit
  • Transmitting hydraulic energy to downhole tools and the drill bit
  • Maintaining wellbore stability and well control

But it isn’t easy. No two sites are the same, and it takes experts to investigate and design the ideal solution based on the geology, well parameters, drilling plan and surface conditions.

Aggreko’s expertise means we can design bespoke packages using our heat exchangers and chillers to ensure the active management of mud temperature to provide optimum downhole conditions. Our solutions deliver drilling mud that will lubricate and cool the bottom hole assembly, remove tailings to the surface, regulate pressure, and maintain optimum conditions for your instrumentation and drill bit.

Our drilling mud cooling solutions are proven to:

  • Avoid the possibility of a well fire due to the drill head exceeding flashpoint temperatures
  • Increase drill head life resulting in fewer pullbacks for the drill
  • Eliminate non-production time to avoid significant financial penalties

Put your trust in Aggreko and we’ll keep your drilling operations cool and your production at full capacity.