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Our engineers find solutions to bring energy to where it's needed

Engineers at Aggreko are finding solutions to one of the world’s biggest challenges – how to bring energy to where it’s needed, while minimising the impact on the environment. It’s one thing to design an individual component, like a solar panel or a battery. But for us engineers at Aggreko, the fun really starts when you need to make them work together with a biodiesel generator to power something like a huge sporting event. And because no two applications are ever the same, we are constantly solving new problems every day.

Here are some of the things Aggreko engineers enjoy about working here

  • Problem solving – our customers need us to solve their energy problems. As engineers, it’s our job to design solutions that perfectly balance their requirements for reliable energy, environmental impact and cost.
  • Pace and job satisfaction – our customers expect us to be dynamic. From an engineering perspective, that means we need to work fast. But it also means we get to see a project through from start to finish.
  • Always learning – sometimes, there isn’t an ideal solution to an engineering challenge. Our approach is to find workable solutions. And, if our first approach doesn’t work, then we quickly learn from it and improve on it.
  • A global engineering community – our engineers deliver projects all around the world, so you’ll have many opportunities to work internationally. And, if you prefer not to travel, you’ll still be working alongside experts from a whole range of regions and cultures to solve customer challenges. 
  • New technologies – you’ll be working on new technologies, including solar, energy storage and wind, and figuring out how they can be used to meet customers’ needs in a way that minimises the environmental impact. 
  • Making an impact – as Aggreko engineers, we help bring power to communities where it doesn’t currently exist, like in the Amazon. We provide energy security where local grids can be unreliable, like in parts of West Africa. And we’re doing that while minimising our impact on the planet by using the very cleanest technologies. Read more about our case studies.

Visit our Why join us pages to read more about our values, what we offer in terms of careers and development and our focus on diversity and inclusion.

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