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No risks. Just rays

Let us shine a light on your project

The optimum greener energy fuel mix

Lower costs of energy and zero emissions – Aggreko Solar Power is the ideal solution if you want to benefit from clean energy innovation, without the long-term financial or technological commitment.

Our mobile and modular solution is ideal for areas with weak or no grid connection and can be deployed in as little as three months. It boosts the reliability of your power supply and reduces the need to transport fuel over long distances.

The sun's power is endless. Our PV contracts end when you want

With the world changing rapidly, the last thing you want is being unable to act when a change affects you – because you’re tied into a long-term contract.

Our Solar Power contracts begin at just five years and there’s no investment involved.

By outsourcing your power with Aggreko, you can focus on utilising your working capital and maximising the returns from your current operations and assets while transitioning to a lower-carbon future.

Aggreko Solar Power is part of our hybrid systems offering and integrates seamlessly with our thermal and battery storage solutions.

The result? An even more resilient system that operates more efficiently, needs significantly less fuel and has a much lower carbon footprint.