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Variety, pace and working as a global team

Our customers expect us to respond quickly, and that sets the pace for how we work as a company. So if you work in one of our support functions – which includes HR, IT and Finance – then you’ll need to match that pace and quickly deliver solutions that can benefit customers and colleagues globally.


You won’t be siloed into just audit at Aggreko. You can expect to experience the whole breadth of finance specialisms, from statutory accounting to tax and treasury. And, with our study support, you can grow your expertise as fast as you like.

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Work on global projects and support colleagues and business growth and change across multiple countries. Aggreko is a company that is constantly adapting to our customers' changing needs, and that means our People team are constantly learning and working at pace to develop to these changing requirements.

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Be part of a global IT team that truly collaborates, uses innovative technology such as automation and AI, and feel supported to get accreditation from our partners at Microsoft, Salesforce, and Field Service.

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