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Testing a data centre's backup power

Client: Leading data centre provider
in the Philippines

Location: Biñan, Philippines

Sectors: Data centres


Urgent demand for loadbank testing for diesel generators

Our client needed loadbank testing for the commissioning of their backup generators which would be used in a data centre. They were working with a tight time frame to commission the generators on schedule and urgently needed a temporary distribution board solution with associated circuit breakers. As a trusted partner, the client reached out to Aggreko to help meet the demand with a swift temporary solution.

The client needed to test and commission 3 sets of 3 MVA diesel genset units in phase one. Phase two required testing and commissioning of an additional 3 units, adding up to 6 sets of 3 MVA diesel genset units in total.

Key Facts

emergency generators tested 3x3 MVA
loadbanks used 3x1.2MW
distribution board 1x4,000 A
distribution board 1x2,000 A


Seamless testing with a phased approach

Aggreko got to work and supplied three 1,266 kW loadbanks and two distribution boards – one 4,000 A board and one 2,000 A board. Ten Aggreko expert engineers were on site during installation to make sure the project went smoothly and a further two team members were involved in the testing phase. Our team utilised 74 pieces of 30 m x 240 mm² low-voltage cables throughout the project, to make it as effective and efficient as possible. As an added bonus, we had already worked with the client previously, meaning we understood their needs and concerns.


Delivering results and meeting deadlines

The successful completion of the loadbank testing project resulted in significant impact for our client. By meeting their tight timeline within 25 days, our client was able to complete their project on time, ensuring the data centre was up and running as planned. The efficient and speedy response of our team to our client’s urgent needs earned their satisfaction and loyalty, making it a win-win situation for both parties.