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Keeping noise and emission low and energy reliability high in housing estate

Client: Pump supplies

Location: Plympton, Plymouth, UK

Sectors: Utilities

The Challenge

Providing reliable power for pump and keeping noise in check for thriving housing estate

For a housing estate, noise levels become even more important. This can affect the entire population of the estate negatively, so the priority is always to ensure everyone is blissfully unaware of any equipment running nearby.

And this was the case for our client, who needed to power a pump that was outside the reach of mains power. And the pump needed to be ready at any given moment – so a dependable energy supply was paramount. But this would need to be operated without the need for a generator running 24/7.

How could the pump be powered – but without affecting the local populace?

Project fact file

Battery unit 48kW
Generator 30kVA
Less fuel consumption 90%
Less noise 90%

Did you know that our generators can run with biofuels?

We are leading energy transition

The Solution

Cleaner, quieter battery power

The answer was in energy storage.

Our engineers deduced that one of our batteries and a small generator would be sufficient.

The battery would provide the main source of power for the pump. It has the capacity for 23 out of the 24 hours in the day, with the generator acting both as charger – and also as a contingency plan too, adding resilience to an already resolute solution

The Impact

Noise and emissions levels reduced by 90% per week

Our efficient and cleaner hybrid solution cut fuel burn by 90%. This leads to significant emissions reductions and with the battery running for the majority of the day – as well as silent running for the majority too.

This gave peace of mind to our customer, knowing that costs and emissions have been shrunk – as well as the noise level.