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On the foreground a group of cheering fans watch a sport championship on stadium. One girl stands with his hands up to the sky. People are dressed in blue colors. A long-range shot of a stadium field, floodlights and seating. A green field, with painted white lines, is visible in the foreground. In the background are diffuse out-of-focus stadium seats. Large, bright floodlights are in the top-left and top-right corners of the image.

Sporting events

Make sure the action stays where it is supposed to

When taking the field of play, the world’s best athletes achieve success thanks to their teamwork, years of training and their ability to perform under pressure. It’s no different with our team behind the scenes.

We know what’s at stake when an audience of thousands in stadia are dwarfed by millions more watching at home. Floodlights, broadcaster power, field of play scoring and timing – absolutely nothing can be left to chance.

From extensive HVAC solutions to match the best climate for audience and performers to safe, efficient and reliable power systems, Aggreko Event Services has a long list of references around the world in sporting events.

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Delivering Events of scale