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Facilities management

We’re your reliable facilities partner

Providing first-class facilities management is a challenge. As service level agreements become more demanding, your customers expect increasingly high standards – often while your profit margins shrink. We understand that you can’t afford routine maintenance or peak demands to get in the way of business.

That’s why work with you from start to finish, providing backup generators, heaters, battery storage, coolers and dehumidifiers to help you take care of repairs. So, if you need to warm an office when the heating fails, or power a hospital after a storm, we can be there within hours – no matter where you are. 

An all-in-one service

We offer a one-stop answer to your power, heating, cooling, energy storage and dehumidification needs. We can take care of everything, from assessing your site to designing, installing and commissioning equipment, together with refuelling and regular maintenance.

What’s more, our engineers can assess the risks you’d face if your existing equipment failed. We’ll then create a contingency plan that you can put into action immediately should the worst happen. All of which means you can stick to business as usual – free from the worry of equipment disasters.

Ready to respond to any situation

We know that facilities managers look after a wide range of businesses. That’s why we make sure our engineers have the experience and skills needed to adapt to your unique needs.

We can support a wide range of facilities, including:

  • Finance, banking and data centres.
  • Manufacturers, and food and beverage producers.
  • Petrochemical plants.
  • Power plants and utilities.
  • Hospitals, hotels, offices and airports.

Keeping things lean and effective

We understand that when expectations are high and budgets are low, you need to work in the most efficient and cost effective way. That’s why we only provide the power, heating, cooling and dehumidification you need – no more, no less.

So, if you find that your needs change and you no longer need our equipment – no problem. Just let us know and we’ll adapt quickly.