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An oil pumping jack, also known as a 'nodding donkey' and flare stack in an oil field in Russia. Photographer: Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg

Power Generation Using Flare Gas

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Generate power from flare gas: Reduce costs and cut your carbon footprint

Aggreko can help you generate power from Associated Petroleum Gas (APG) reducing your natural gas flaring emissions, your operating costs and even create a new revenue stream when sold to a third party - all while reducing the effect of gas flaring on the environment.

As a key global player in this market we have more than 1 GW of installed power capacity for projects using APG as their fuel and totaling more than 180 customer projects in every corner of the world.

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We can assume a wide scope of work both technically and commercially, and we are willing to invest in project infrastructure and partner as an investor with operators where appropriate to deliver such projects. By utilising flare gas to generate power, we are materially reducing customers’ cost of energy, and their carbon footprint or creating a new revenue stream by exporting it to the grid.

Wondered what is driving this shift to using flare gas as an additional power generation solution in the oil and gas industry? Read our article on the five key drivers of growth in the flare gas-to-power market or download our brochure to learn more. 

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