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Camp Power

Major field development camp power

Construction of upstream or midstream infrastructure comes with its own set of challenges. The locations are often remote, in harsh environments and dependable power for these developments is critical for the projects. Sometimes grid power is available but much of the time it is either unreliable or not available at all.

Worker camps not only require reliable power, but flexibility is also key as the project, and the size of its workforce ramps up and down.

Our flexible call off contract terms and global fleet availability help you reduce your overall project costs without compromising on power availability or security. We’ll work closely with you to determine the project load profile over time and engineer a flexible bespoke solution that meets your individual project needs mobilising according to your timeline in phases, meaning you only pay for the power you need and eliminate excess redundancy costs.

Flexibility is also the key to efficiently dealing with varying loads during the day and night based on worker shift patterns or peak demand. Our module sets are controlled by automated scada and plc systems which switch on and off generators as required reducing your spinning reserve, maintaining optimum loading of the generators, and thus saving fuel. It also minimises emissions which is good for everyone.

We also recognise the importance of the upskilling local nationals and the localisation of workforces to work on projects like these. We can offer a range of training and development initiatives to help you meet your local content targets, including internship programmes. Aggreko aim to have over 90% local manning for our projects within 1 year of commissioning.

Read some our case studies below to learn more on some of the different camp power projects we’ve worked on to date.

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