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Turnarounds – delivering bottom line value

We are the leading experts for the delivery of successful Turnarounds. We excel from basic maintenance programmes through to large complex projects being the only contactor able to manage specific catalyst reactor Turnarounds with our patented approach.

 We have absolute confidence in our knowledge and proven track record to adaptively fit with your project, whatever your need. Let us join your planning stage to showcase how our expertise sits best at the core of a project plan, letting our knowledge elevate your business.

Aggreko’s Turnaround solutions deliver real value to your bottom line and:

  •  Reduce your schedule
  •  Reduce or eliminate the need for temporary diesel generators
  •  Reduce manpower and labour costs
  •  Reduce or eliminate diesel emissions
  •  Reduce or eliminate safety risks


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Our dedicated engineers reduce the duration of stoppages and eliminate safety risks and critical power failures

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From basic maintenance programmes, through to complex projects including full plant shutdowns, we excel at preparing for all Turnaround complexities. Whether you’re planning for an upgrade, a routine Turnaround, or preparing for the Energy Transition, we will support you to achieve a better outcome by providing the expertise and equipment you need, when you need it.

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Our experienced service teams can help you plan for every situation, from emergencies to day-to-day operations.

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