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Decentralised energy solutions from Aggreko

Decentralised energy

Decentralise to maximise

The energy crisis and the direct impact of potential gas and power shortages is resulting in soaring energy bills and greater frequency of power outages for energy-intensive industries. Decentralised energy solutions combine the advantages of renewable energy (such as wind, hydro power, solar) and battery storage with the reliability of thermal generators. Increasing security of supply, reducing transmission losses and lowering carbon emissions. However, as operations continue to decentralise from the power grid, finding innovative ways to keep costs and emissions in check is an ongoing challenge. Through our flexible CHP, Power Plant, Energy Storage solutions and 1MW to over 200MW range, we aim to make decentralised energy a simple solution. 

Why work with Aggreko?

Get greater power quality and resilience, potentially reducing fuel usage and emissions

Maximise sustainability by integrating your existing or new renewables from solar to CHP

Batteries, inverter, HVAC, fire protection, auxiliary – all tested and preassembled by us

Decentralised energy hire solutions

Action your plans now with no capital outlay, no risks and no delays.

Combined heat and power

Lowering bills and carbon emissions, our hassle-free CHP installations offer an affordable and immediate means for raising energy security, supporting different heating and cooling processes. While conventional heat and power often means separate fees from a range of suppliers, we bring it all under one simple contract. Leaving our clients free to work on their core business without worrying about energy pricing.