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We help you bridge the gap between impossible and possible

The potential for success can be found in every corner of this breath-taking continent.

In Africa's most unforgiving locations to the busiest cities, we provide power where there is none.

We are lighting up streets in Africa’s remotest regions, consigning blackouts to the history books.

We are paving the way for an Africa that changes the world in the most spectacular way,

We are connecting communities, businesses and opportunities to give the perfect platform for our people to learn and thrive,

Future generations will ensure Africa is at the forefront of innovation and growth of all kinds .

We power the critical, keeping hearts beating.

Our people are our heartbeat and we know what matters most to you.

We are making a massive difference

We are in this together

We are Africa

We understand that every project is different, so at Aggreko we listen first and design a system around you, delivering our service and support to anywhere to any scale. We specialise in transforming the lives and livelihoods of individuals, organisations and communities across Africa and around the world. For more information about who we are, please also visit our global pages here.

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Our power can bridge between the impossible and possible. We never stop striving for better, find out what it means to invest with us.

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