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Optimising operations with advanced energy management systems

From remote monitoring to load management, we’ll help you drive performance and resilience

Energy management systems

Load management is just the beginning

At Aggreko, we’ve built our reputation on deep knowledge and domain expertise. We know the value of great information. That’s why our energy management systems go beyond load management to maximise your control over every aspect of operations, power efficiency, and performance.

Our load management and remote monitoring capability means you can design comprehensive microgrid control strategies, make informed decisions around demand-side management, and take power plant optimization to the next level. We can also help you find new efficiencies, including Combined Heat and Power to reduce your energy spend.

All with the sector-specific knowledge, experience and global reach that makes Aggreko unique.

Energy management applications

Smart power management meets human expertise

Our industry-leading remote monitoring sits at the heart of our energy management system. But what makes us unique is the hands-on expertise that comes with every new implementation

From alternative and renewable energy management to automated power solutions, we’ve supported our customers through some of the most complex and demanding projects. Working with us, you get the advantage of all that expertise for every aspect of your power plant optimization. So you can turn innovative technology into impactful, actionable intelligence.