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We are solution driven – a partner dedicated for delivery and accomplishment

At Aggreko we develop in-house bespoke solutions that can be applied uniquely to the complexities that surround the petrochemical and refining sector.

Making things simpler, we support within five core service areas:

No other single provider can cover the wide scope of services we do, with our capacity and scale, taking us way beyond a rental company. Our intervention can help you fulfill revenue potential saving you millions.

With Petrochemical plants and refineries seeing pressure for change, and inevitable engineering challenges as a result. We pride ourselves on being your devoted engineering partner from the start of a planned or unplanned journey, always exerting Operational Excellence, showcasing commitment, knowledge, and measurable results whatever the timescale.

Whether it’s a planned Turnaround, or an unplanned outage, or even thinking outside the box with how you plan for the Energy Transition and decarbonise your operations – we have a team waiting to discuss your individual challenges and apply our expertise for you.

Explore our core services areas in greater detail below, including Aggreko Process Services (APS) – our dedicated process engineering team, responsible to date for over 1,500 completed projects and more than 30 years of experience. Learn further from our case studies which prove we are more than just words and check out our product offering to see the range of equipment we have available.

Whatever the conversation, we are excited you’re here.

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A dedicated process engineering team to deliver fast-track high value solutions

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