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Real-time monitoring by real people

We’ve got you covered

We use our remote monitoring service to anticipate problems and help you stay ahead of the game – meaning you get the best from both our people and our equipment. 

We’re alerted if you run low on fuel, if our equipment needs a routine service, or if there’s an emergency. Then we get to work – fast. We diagnose the problem and work out the best way to fix it. And we do it all with a personal touch.

Remote, but hands-on

Every day, our experienced technicians review data from more than 10,000 generators around the world. We use this information to track:

We can see how to improve fuel and equipment efficiency, respond to changes in demand and take immediate action if something breaks. 

All of this helps you to work more efficiently, manage your costs and stay safe.

Talk to us about remote monitoring

Why Aggreko?

You’re in safe hands

Although emergencies are rare, safety is our top concern. We’re ready to step in if anything critical happens. We’re alerted if a piece of equipment stops unexpectedly, has an electrical trip, or a mechanical fault. 

We can fix most things remotely, but if you need an extra hand, we’ll call you to talk things through and send one of our local engineers to your site to fix things quickly and safely.

Our priority, whatever the project, location or equipment used – is you and your business

Our strategy means we need to look to the future for threats and changes and our experts are constantly at work to make sure our connected assets are robust in the face of these threats

Every sector is evolving, including data security - and we are focused on being able to offer the most secure solution for you. Our innovative remote monitoring and control solution is designed to give you the power to meet day-to-day challenges as well as the unexpected. 

Making sure the data we handle stays in the safest of hands is no mean feat - but we have taken every measure to do so. 

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