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Energy storage

Efficiency energy storage

Energy storage plays a critical role in ensuring both power reliability and flexibility.

Our battery storage solutions can help to power your operations, while reducing fuel costs and cutting carbon emissions more than ever before. Whether you want to power a microgrid, add reliability to a hybrid system or simply optimise your business case through smart energy management, we have simple solutions.

Plug and play simplicity

Make your energy system more efficient, reliable and eco-friendly with our plug-and-play-solution for smarter energy management. Our fully integrated, battery storage is a ready-to-install energy system in a standard container. Complete with batteries, inverter, HVAC, fire protection and auxiliary components, all tested by our experts and operated by the smartest software on the market.

Single units can be easily combined to deliver more power and energy capacity. Our batteries come from 30 kVA to 1 MW building blocks with either 30 or 60 minute durations for flexible, reliable and cost-effective power.

Applications and sectors

Our solutions are tried and tested in a wide range of sectors including data centres, healthcare, oil and gas, manufacturing and mining. The can be used as critical power back up, alongside a generator, as part of a smart grid, with renewables and as grid reinforcement.