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Aggreko solutions

Global energy solutions

As the global leader in temporary power, energy and temperature control, we help our customers achieve their goals through a range of rapidly-deployable and flexible solutions.

How we support our customers

Delivering solutions that achieve results 

Grid scale solar and storage from Aggreko

Delivering energy resilience

Grid scale solar and storage

Decentralised energy solutions from Aggreko

Decentralise to maximise

Decentralised energy solutions

Energy services from Aggreko

Large scale, long-term solutions

Flexible power solutions

Small scale, short-term solutions

Helping you achieve your goals

Working with Aggreko

Flexible energy & rental solutions

Developing for a low-carbon future

As a business we’re investing in more sustainable products, fuels and services to make greener solutions accessible for our customers.

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Innovation and development

With an R&D facility in Scotland, Technology Centre of Excellence and ongoing work with leading researchers, we’re at the helm of the most advanced innovations.

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Specialist expertise

We support a variety of industries in 124 countries to ensure our clients can access the power, energy and temperature control they require to support and grow their business.

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