Client Technische Werke Ludwigshafen AG

Location Ludwigshafen, Germany

Sectors Utilities

The Challenge

Enhance existing gas turbine and increase flexibility of grid

The German power grid requires a far more flexible energy system as the country transitions towards a decarbonised future. This means the large, older generation power plants go offline, creating a power gap that requires a swift solution.

The short-term demand requires a fast supply and the ability to adapt to fluctuations in how much power is required. Gas turbines combined with batteries could provide this.

However, low wholesale prices force most gas turbines to remain idle, while ramping requirements mean that the much more attractive market for secondary frequency regulation is only open to gas turbines that are already online.

At the same time, stand-alone battery units are often not profitable because German regulations insist on a substantial ‘safety cushion.’

As a result, both options for a cleaner, more reliable and flexible power source remained a pipedream.

One local utility – in Ludwigshafen was a great example: It had a turbine it could not run profitably – and also wanted to reinforce its grid with more flexibility.

Project fact file

6.5 MWh


9 MW

Battery energy storage system

4 MW

Existing gas turbine capacity

The Impact

Battery integration using our software to provide primary and secondary regulation

We worked closely with our customer to devise a package that brings a “second life” to the gas turbine, while also providing much needed flexibility to the energy transition.

Our solution? The first ever combined ancillary services power plant in Germany. We combined the underused 4 MW gas turbine with our 9 MW / 6.5 MWh battery energy storage system.

This is made possible by our proprietary software that balances and optimises the output from both power generation sources, synchronising them so that our customer gets the best of both.

By using both gas and energy storage, our customer gets continuous power with the highly precise, millisecond-level-response that our battery systems provide.

The Aggreko Difference

Our energy storage can breathe new life into your power

Batteries included

The Impact

A powerful combination of precise, rapid battery power and the infinite capacity of gas to deliver system balance more effectively

The gas turbine now benefits from the speed and precision of battery power, leaving a well-rounded power supply that carries no weaknesses from stand-alone equivalents.

Plus, batteries cut down on emissions and the success of this model will provide the rest of the country with a blueprint that can show the path forward during the uncertain spell of energy transition.

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