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Rental Air Handler Units to Fit Any Requirements

Aggreko’s rental air handlers can get the job done.  With a wide range of sizes, from 100-500 KW, we have the air handler rental unit (AHU) to fit the requirements of any industrial and commercial application.

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Need air cooler for your event? Our Air Handlers Can do the job as well

If you need a commercial air cooler to cool spaces within your facility or for an event, our portable, compact and smaller sizing air handling units are good alternatives to provide fresh cool air for comfort and safe conditions.

Commercial Rental Air Handler for Buildings

Commercial facilities such as buildings and factories' HVAC system comprise on a mix of chiller and air handling units to provide air conditioning. Our commercial air handler units are the perfect substitute if your HVAC air handling system undergoes overhaul, maintenance or breaks down. Our experienced cooling engineers will partner you closely to design the compatible temporary HVAC cooling system to ensure that your building gets the essential cooling it needs. 

Can be used in conjunction with chiller rentals to provide effective air conditioning.

  • All units are electrically powered
  • Units can produce up to 400cfm of airflow per ton
  • We offer a low-temperature version that can operate down to -20°F.

Additionally, our rental air handlers can be used in conjunction with Aggreko chiller rentals to provide effective air conditioning, especially for outdoor large spaces. Check out how our chillers and air handling units combined to provide essential outdoor cooling for a major horticulture event in Singapore.


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