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Underground mine cooling systems

With increasingly remote locations being mined and temperatures regularly exceeding 45 degrees Celsius, it’s more important than ever that your below ground operations are effectively cooled and ventilated.

Not doing so doesn’t just pose a serious health risk to your employees but also leaves your equipment vulnerable to malfunction.

Underground mine ventilation systems matched to your unique needs.

The inflexibility of traditional built-in cooling and mine ventilation systems often means they’re unsuitable for varying demands, that’s why we offer an alternative approach.

Aggreko’s short and long term cooling solutions will help overcome the most common concerns that many mine safety engineers have:

1. Mine Safety: Keeping Everyone Cool

The ‘safe zone’ for working temperatures is below 30 degrees Celsius, and you need to trust your plant will achieve this all day, every day. With Aggreko not only can you easily scale your cooling and ventilation plant to match your demand, you also benefit from our expertise to ensure your needs are always met.

2. Affordable Mine Cooling

There are significant cost-savings to be had with a flexible partner like Aggreko, freeing up capital that can be invested elsewhere in your operation.

3. Mining Cooling Systems Maintenance

With Aggreko, you’re not liable for expenses around maintenance or upgrades. As well as reducing overheads, our team will ensure any maintenance is completed quickly to eliminate downtime.

4. Scalable Cooling Solutions for Mining

As mine operations are closely linked to market changes, the ability to scale up and down easily and efficiently is key. This isn’t possible with a built-in cooling and underground mine ventilation plant, but with Aggreko, you can quickly modify your setup at a fraction of the cost of buying a new permanent plant.


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