10 Dec 2019

Aggreko to provide 24 MW hybrid power solution to largest UAE steel mill

Power plant on site in Middle East
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    Dan Betts
    London, UK

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    London, UK

  • Aggreko signs five-year contract with United Steel Industries to deliver 24 MW gas-battery hybrid power solution to the Fujairah steel mill
  • Aggreko’s hybrid solution will deliver a 49% saving on the cost of fuel while reducing carbon emissions
  • Project marks first of its kind in the Middle East


Aggreko, the world-leading supplier of mobile and modular power, temperature control and energy services, today announces that it has signed a five year contract to deliver a 24 MW gas-battery hybrid power solution to United Steel Industries Fujairah steel mill, the largest of its type in the United Arab Emirates.The new Aggreko hybrid solution will deliver a 49% saving on the cost of fuel to the customer, while also reducing the company’s carbon emissions.

The steel mill is of international significance, supplying 1.1 million tonnes of steel components to the construction and manufacturing sectors in the UAE and beyond. This project milestone for Aggreko, marks the first time it will deliver a gas-battery hybrid solution to an off-grid industrial complex in the Middle East.

Aggreko will deploy a range of specialist mobile and modular power equipment on the site, including:

  • 13 highly efficient gas generators, delivering 19 MW of primary power
  • A 5 MW-battery system, comprising five battery packs providing frequency regulation and backup power 

Aggreko’s Microgrid and Storage Solutions (AMSS) team will install the battery system to remove the need for a spinning reserve and out balance sudden jumps in the mill’s load. Traditionally, this is managed by diesel generators that run constantly at part load, consuming excessive amounts of fuel and increasing overall carbon emissions.

Aggreko will deliver the decentralised power system under challenging conditions, with its team of expert engineers working to ensure that the system is optimised for efficient power provision in temperatures of up to 50°C. The team of engineers on the ground will be responsible for the ongoing operations and maintenance of the plant, while the AMSS team will remotely monitor the system’s performance to ensure it is working as efficiently as possible.

Phil Burns, Managing Director for Aggreko Asia and Middle East said: “We are delighted that we have been able to deliver a reduction in carbon emissions for United Steel Industries while still improving the overall fuel efficiency of the mill. By using our proprietary monitoring software to inform our data-driven decision making, we have also been able to deliver a 49% cost saving on fuel costs. We look forward to continuing to partner with United Steel to optimise their operations at the Fujairah steel mill over the coming years."