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Aggreko - The Gas Fired  Ressano Garcia power plant in Mozambique.

On-Grid Mining Power Supply Solutions

Your operations don’t stay still, and neither do we. Being connected to the grid places a ceiling on your aspirations, but our modular packages give you the ability to ramp up your power requirement when you need to – or lower it.

A closer look at how we can help

Providing power in an emergency for a mining company

Tier 1 Mining Company

Due to a storm, there was a power failure at the site and the distribution network lost poles and wires. As a result, the mine was facing severe losses in production and capital equipment. We had to provide reliable, rapid power, cooling and lighting for a full shutdown of the uranium plant so production could continue.

Rapid supply of 20 MW temporary power within one week.

Site was upgraded successfully without a drop in production. Temporary power is still on site three years later and we continue to provide power for shutdowns and outages on the back of the project.

Aggreko's difference

Expertise to go

Our experts install, maintain and decommission our equipment, leaving you to concentrate on your core business. There is no need for you to detract from what matters most.

We provide the reliable power your production levels require. Safety is paramount too, and we operate under global best practices. We have achieved ISO 9001 Quality Management System accreditation level, and that means peace of mind for you.

Our Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) and SCADA technology allows you to not only benefit from seamless integration of equipment and varying types, but also keep a constant eye on operations, production and optimisation levels. Unplanned shutdowns for urgent maintenance? We can power locations remotely and monitor every aspect as if it was on-site.

Our mission to lower emissions

There is a global focus to reduce environmental impact across the board, and mining is at the forefront. The sector is energy intensive, and regulations are in place to shrink mine footprints.

We offer true fuel flexibility for your mine so you can move with whatever regulations are put in place. Whether it be next generation gas or a hybrid solution that harnesses the best of thermal, solar and battery power, we can deliver the same reliable power, but with significant reductions to your emissions.

By renting with us, we give you the opportunity to use innovative new technology, without the worry associated with it.

From start to finish

We can be there for the entire lifecycle of your mine. We help you prepare for the unpreparable. Our equipment means that from the very start, you are ready for whatever may occur.

When the worst happens and a shutdown is on the cards, you can silence the worries of your stakeholders with a contingency plan, or rapidly mobilised power when you need it most.

A bedrock for your mine

Being connected to the grid is not the failsafe that it used to be. Reliability issues, being hamstrung by fuel costs and an inability to adapt to your demands should they change, leaves you with a decision to make.

With Aggreko, you get the power you need, when and how you need it. If your situation changes? By renting on a short or medium-term basis, it means you can adapt your power too.

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