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Hybrid power solutions for off-grid mining

Off-grid hybrid mining power supply

When it comes to power, one way miners can massively improve efficiency and bottom lines is through the implementation of hybrid power.

As mines are going deeper and more remote than ever before, finding innovative ways to keep costs and emissions in check is an ongoing challenge.

Hybrid power plants combine the advantages of renewable energy and battery storage with the reliability of thermal generators. Once installed, the costs of producing solar power are almost zero - and so are emissions.

Our battery and energy storage systems gives you greater power quality and resilience and also delivers savings to your project, by improving the overall plant efficiency and thereby reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

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Renewable Energy: Future-Proof Technology

In today’s fast-evolving energy landscape, long term commitments may lead to stranded assets and tied-up capital – especially with relatively new technology.

That’s why we offer a risk-free, 100-percent reliable solution, addressing your immediate requirements and tapping into revenue opportunities.

No matter where your mine is or how deep you go, with our hybrid solutions you get the power you need - whenever and for as long as you need it.

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