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Operational excellence

Operational excellence

Always exerting operational discipline

Perfecting process, boosting production – actions that we pride ourselves on within petrochemical and refining at Aggreko. Our expert led solutions come armed with a list of long benefits, our people being number one - Our people are what drive the solutions and the return.

For that to happen, operational excellence must be in place – this can be as technical as the processes within petrochemical and refining. Exerting operational discipline means continued commitment with processes, systems, and solutions – all undertaken by our people.

Steps must be put in place that help our employees carry out task in the best and safest way – regardless of project deadlines. Our expert solutions are driven by expert education from the bottom up. Examples of this include pre-start-up reviews, and transparency from business management. However, operating excellence cannot be forced.

The strength of this lies in personal commitment and personal discipline coming from every member of the team. By making this paramount to all employees from day one the culture is enforced to promote operational excellence and let it shine within our projects.

What Aggreko is doing... 

Our culture of driving operation excellence within plants has been supported in plants that have done the following:

  • More active roles in day-to-day activities by senior management
  • Encouraging employees to remain motivated, especially with safety efforts, encouraged to share values and sense of teamwork
  • Banning all shortcuts – practice consistent procedures
  • Keeping housekeeping levels high – making people take pride in their work
  • Correct tools for the job – keeping staff healthy and happy

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