Client Gold mine

Location USA

Sectors Mining

The challenge

Find an alternative power source for a mine with strict parameters

A gold mine that lacked access to the grid had been powering their operations for the past couple of years with just two generators. They were right next to native lands, meaning their footprint had to be small and their expansion plans modest; but they were struggling to keep up with the output of other mines. 

What’s more, it was about to hit emission compliance issues, which meant finding an alternative power source quickly. Choices were limited. It could spend a lot of money to upgrade, wait for the grid to reach, or shut down altogether. We knew we could come up with a better option


Project fact file

30 %

Reduction in fuel costs

14 days

Installation time

The solution

A tailored power package that goes beyond safety standards

We went to Prometheus Energy, one of the largest suppliers of liquefied natural gas (LNG), and together we came up with an option not previously considered. Considering all the angles and collaborating with another company gets a better result. We designed a 3.6 MW temporary power plant using LNG as a fuel source. This addressed the costs, the emissions compliance issue and the lack of space to expand.

Together with Prometheus, we installed two 1.3 MW natural gas power generator units, and a 1 MW diesel power generator for backup, within 14 days. Going above and beyond the standard for mine safety, we also equipped each unit with fire suppression and venting shut-down systems. 


the aggreko difference

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The impact

Power that met our customer’s needs, while reducing fuel costs 

Using LNG brought more than 30 per cent of fuel savings and dramatically reduced the mine’s carbon footprint with near-zero environmental impact. The temporary power plant met the operator’s load demands with ease and the more efficient natural gas power allowed for a bit of expansion.

The mine complied with permits and environmental emissions, the output was enough to power the mine without needing a costly upgrade, and the package was flexible enough to allow the mine to expand in the future.


“Solving the mine’s power problems with one smart option, and saving them money at the same time, was a satisfying experience.”

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