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Efficient Thermal Power Generation

Power Generation and Distribution Solution tailored to your needs

Industrial & Commercial Power Rental Generation, Generator Hire and Distribution - Anytime, Anywhere

Aggreko provides reliable, and cost-effective rental power through our wide range of generator for hire and rental electrical distribution. From small, transitory power at a site level to baseload-scale megawatt power for regional power grids, we keep the power on and your business moving forward.

Power Rental You Need, When You Need It

During the past 20 years in Africa, Aggreko has continued to custom-build generators for h to meet the changing needs of your industry, including:

  • Generators in sizes from 20 kVA to 2 MW
  • Diesel canopy generators units to containerized power units
  • Natural gas generators, cost-effective and less impact on the environment
  • Low-maintenance, quiet generators for low-noise applications like movie sets
  • Quiet generators for onboard or dockside needs within the Shipping Industry
  • Towable, portable generators ideal for use in the Construction and Contracting Industries
  • New advances in spill containment prevents spillage of fuel and engine fluids