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Battery hybrid solution brings emission and cost cuts

Client: Scottish Power Renewables

Location: Scotland

Sectors: Renewable energy

The Challenge

A greener power source for a green site

As a company wishing to go greener, our customer wished for a solution for their remote site that delivered lower emissions – but didn’t hold back on reliability either.

The customer sought to build a reputation as a greener company – but with its current power source, this would be compromised.

Luckily, we know a thing or two about helping companies adapt to a cleaner energy future.


Project fact file

Battery Unit 48 kW
Emission Reduction 65 %
Less fuel burned 80 %
Generator 60 kVA

The Solution

Hybrid battery package

After scoping the site and the demand for energy, our experts soon devised a solution that fit the bill perfectly.

We would provide a hybrid solution, with a 48 kW battery and a 60 kVA generator as backup. The battery also had a straight pass through installed, which would power the site silently when the load demanded it. The generator added resilience to the package, charging the battery whenever necessary.

The Impact

It was a case of ‘mission accomplished’ for our hybrid solution.

The customer had requested a reliable power source for their site that cut emissions.

We delivered on this request with an 80% reduction on fuel consumption – which dramatically cut local emissions and costs and boosted CO2 savings.