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2021.10.01 Carsten Reincke-Collon

Future Fuels: Replacing diesel in power generation

HVO? Green hydrogen? We separate future fuels fact from fiction

Renewable energy is playing an increasing part in the fuel mix, but thermal generation is still required as back-up, especially in off or weak grid applications

Where today diesel is the go-to choice due to its energy density, availability and cost, the need to find a cleaner fuel source is high on the agenda.

There has been plenty of talk surrounding the promise of ‘future fuels’ and how they could revolutionise power generation across the world. Hydrogen, FAME, HVO and more – they are abundant and far cleaner than diesel.

But there is so much information out there, it is hard to separate the fact from the fiction when it comes to these potential decarbonised solutions. Can they be a viable source for off-grid power? How far away are we from being able to harness their promise? 

We’ve investigated what can be done and what the chances are for each of these future fuels. Our surprising findings are below.

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